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A Walk

It is overcast outside; the grey clouds are brooding over the sky and blanketing everyone under them.  The temperature has dropped in recent weeks—winter must be approaching—but it is perfect weather for a light jacket and jeans still.  Stephen and Jen walk down into the forested park over the red, yellow, and orange leaves that crunch with each step.

Stephen was always shy growing up, but his personality has transformed into a quiet, pensive manner that characterizes his relationships with everyone he knows.  He asks Jen, Are you glad this week’s over with?

Yeah.  It was far too long.  Stressed me out.  I need to relax this weekend.

They trek deeper into the forest.  He has never been more interested in the trees.  Poplars, beeches, firs; they all seem so unique to him now.  Each tree standing, surrounded by its family, solemnly content with its position.

He seeks the soul of these trees.  Stephen glances at Jen.  Have I ever told you how my father proposed to my mother?

She cannot help but smile.  He always loved when she smiled at him under her auburn hair.  Yes, of course you have.  But I love hearing it.

Well my father and mother always loved taking walks in this park by her house.  They are going through one Sunday and are coming to the wooden bench that they always rested at when they had been walking for a while.  My father tells my mother that he has something he wants to give her, and pops on a knee and asks her to marry him.  Of course, she said yes.

My father always told me, You’ll never forget that moment.  You put everything on the line and hope to God that she says yes.  And when she does, it’s the happiest day of your life.

They continue for a few minutes without saying much.  Stephen offers his jacket to Jen, and keeps his hands in his corduroy pockets after that.  She furtively steals glances at him, and he pretends not to notice.  She has her familiar smile on her face, and her pace has quickened.

Stephen remains quietly respectful of his towering examples.  But he cannot help but tear himself away from the leaves and sneak a glance himself to Jen.

They round an unfamiliar bend in the park.  Jen’s eyes grow big and her mouth parts slightly, but she quickly controls her reaction.

Stephen stops walking, and is a few steps behind Jen.  She looks back over her shoulder and asks why he stopped.

No reason, I was just watching the trees.

They continue their trek through the forest; and when they reach the clearing near his car, Jen walks watching the leaves fall to the ground; flashes of red, orange, yellow against an overcast sky.

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