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Thoughts on 1 Peter 1:20, 21

He (Christ) was indeed foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you, who through Him believe in God, who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.

Before the Lord created the Heavens and the Earth, before Genesis 1 took place and God separated the light from the darkness and declared it as good, and before the man and the woman were in the Garden, God understood and knew all that would take place within time. Christ, both his character and purpose, were foreordained before the foundation of the world. The totality of what Christ came to accomplish was understood before anything but God was. God understood at least generally that would sin exist, but to limit his knowledge here to a general understanding that sin will exist seems to be a disingenuous rendering of the sovereign will and knowledge of God, who gave voice to the prophets throughout the Old Testament of specific happenings forthcoming. No, sin generally is not what God understood. Sins specifically are what God knew.

Knowing full well the ramifications of creating a world full of potential to blaspheme its Creator, God made it anyway. But why? Why would God have created a world that would, without doubt, blaspheme and speak falsely against its Creator? A short answer:  So that the whole nature and character of God would be more perfectly understood and so that He who is most deserving of glory would receive all of it. Therefore God, knowing the depravity to come and the hopelessness found in an empty existence, created the world and all in it, but he also made a way to himself despite our natural tendency to usurp the throne of the Lord and blaspheme the holy name of He who called us out of darkness. God took the risk of millions spitting on his name, because the kindness of the Lord shown to those whom he has elected is joyfully received and gloried in. All who have, do, and will ever exist will glorify the Lord:  those in Hell will do so there because they will taste the infinite justice and holiness and righteousness of a wrathful and sovereign Lord; those in Heaven will do so there because they will taste the infinite goodness and mercy and righteousness of a kind and sovereign Lord; and the wrathful and kind Lord are one in the same; YHWH is his name.

How blessed are we who live in post-Christ’s life, death, and resurrection! How blessed are we to be able to look back with a full assurance of faith and confidence in the historical account of the Gospels of Christ that point us unequivocally and distinctly to the Christ! Unlike the Israelites, who had to look ahead to the coming Sacrifice in order to receive salvation, we can look back to the actual sacrifice and resurrection and take hope in that. There is a point in history on which we can hang our hopes and joys and comforts and sorrows, knowing that all our sin has been atoned and our righteousness imputed and declared and worked. And God knew this:  Christ was made manifest in the last times for the disciples’ and our sakes, so that we could taste with an even fuller assurance than did the Israelites of old.

And it is through Christ, and only through Christ, that we are able to ascertain any saving or lasting knowledge about the God who sustains and upholds all that has ever existed or will ever exist. The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord, but they cannot redeem humanity. The skies proclaim the work of the Lord, but they cannot save us. No, only the transcendent God who entered into his creation and took the form of a man is able to offer that privilege. We needed an intercessor who shared both the characters of God and of man. And in Christ we have received that perfect sacrifice. And it is through Christ alone that we can taste in the glorious riches that are in God the Father alone.

A way has been made to God through the death and resurrection of Christ. And the glory bestowed on the Son was given by the Father. And the Father did this so that even in faith in Christ our hope and our glory and our trust and our gaze may be in and upon the Father who had made the way to himself.

Be blessed, my brothers and sisters, and taste in the indulgent richness that is Christ.

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