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I’m beginning to compile and undertake research.

I have a number of topic about which I plan to write. Therefore, I have begun to compile research, to ponder the Scripture, and to think about the connections therein, and can I say that I am excited about this? As a teacher in the church to however small a group, my more purpose in this role is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to gain a fuller understanding of Christ, his word, and his church so that we are not thrown around by false doctrine and misinterpretations of the Word (Ephesians 4:11-14).

Among the topics that I am beginning to research and think about specifically are:

  • Identity and purpose in Christ:  bondservants, children, and priests of the King, as described in Ephesians 5:1, 2.
  • Civil disobedience and civil obedience in the church:  when, if ever, is civil disobedience permitted, to what degree, and for what reasons?
  • The denominational system:  is it a promoted good in the Scripture, is it a permitted good, is it a necessary evil? What do the Scriptures say about denominations, and how do they relate to the unity or disunity of the body?
  • Systematic works on Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Hamartiology, and Ecclesiology.

I am excited about these things. I hope to have rough drafts of at least one of these ideas ready by June.

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