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Question: Hillsong and Hillsong Live’s music?

I received the following question:

What is your opinion on Hillsong United and Hillsong Live’s music?

This is my response:

Disclaimer: I abhor the capitalistic, market-driven approach to worship music. How idolatrous can we be that we are selling music to be used for worship? We sell “worship” music; we sell “tickets” to “spiritual teaching”; we sell ourselves out. So, I disdain how the contemporary church handles itself in the capitalist economy. It disgusts me.

That said, much of the worship itself is pretty good. Most of it is centered on God and his glory and not on man. However, as much as I love “With Everything,” for example, the woah-oh-oh’s should be carefully placed in worship music, as it far too easily gets people wrapped up in the emotion of the moment and takes their eyes off of God, not actually worshipping but just saying nonsense. It’s a powerful experience, but is it worship? Worship is about proclaiming the praises of God, extolling his glory, and pointing both our brethren and the world to Christ. Worship is centered around the glory of God, and God in his glory has created humanity with the capacity to feel and to think; and we ought not sacrifice our intellect for the sake of having an “awesome worship experience.” Worship not centered on God is idolatry.

In short, worship is good insofar as it is centered on praising God as he actually is–i.e. worshiping in spirit and in truth (cf. John 4:23, Philippians 3:3). As far as form is concerned, as long as the message is not lost or compromised, form is irrelevant.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to separate Hillsong worship from Hillsong Church. Until the church that supports and sends out the band gets its act together, believers should be vigilant about singing what Hillsong puts out, knowing that the home church preaches a prosperity gospel.

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