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Into the Future

Endgoal:  PhD, either in Systematic Theology, Church History, or something similar. I have an academic mind. I write. I think. I teach. That’s me. Thinking long-term, that’s my most immediate aim after a Masters program. Just thinking out loud, I want to write. My passion is to see the Church of the risen and living Lord united in spirit and in truth, in the same way as Jesus and the Father are unified. That is, we should be horizontally related to each other in the same way that Jesus and the Father are horizontally related to each other. For, we are one body composed of many members. The members of a body ought to work towards one end. When it does not, something is amiss in the body. Further, beyond horizontal unity, we should be united, as Jesus is to the Father, to Jesus himself. As Jesus submits to the will of the Father, we submit to will of Jesus. This all I get from John 17:20-24. That’s my passion. That’s what I want to see happen. That’s what I believe, since my freshman year (going on four years now), that the Father through the Spirit has impressed on me through the reading and study of his Word.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Those are some quick thoughts going through my head right now.

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