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Concerning the upcoming year:

My hope is that I will eventually (and finally) reach the end of the Westminster Confession of Faith. While I don’t want to say that you should expect a chapter published per week, that is my goal.

However, this is something that you can expect. I have made a commitment to read forty books by year’s end. You can view my progress here. As I finish each book, I plan to write a short (300 – 400 words) review. As is often the case, a review draws out the author’s disposition to the work; it always seems that a solid opponent provides the clearest balance against which one can read somebody’s latent opinions.

I have already read two books this year (The Conversion of the Imagination: Paul as Interpreter of Israel’s Scripture, Richard B. Hays [2005] and Covenantal Apologetics: Principles & Practices in Defense of our Faith, K. Scott Oliphint [2013]). My life outside of WordPress is quite busy. Randall Johnson, who blogs here and here, has asked me to teach a class concerning the person and work of Christ. This class will occupy a large amount of time between now and March. That class, along with my seminary courseload, work schedule, and wedding planning, will  mean that completing the books I want to read will be difficult enough. My hope is to complete each review within a week of finishing the book. If I find the time (and, to be honest, the determination), I will complete the reviews for Hays’ and Oliphints’ books, both of which, if you would like a short review, were excellent.

Addendum, my class has been cancelled. However, I intend to publish my notes throughout the next semester.

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