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2014 in Review, 2015 Goals

January 23, 2015 Leave a comment

I read 25 books in total, got married, finished my third semester of seminary, and began an internship with my church. I think this blog had something like a total of 6 posts? :O Life grew too busy for me to worry about sharing my incoherent thoughts in a coherent manner, when I wasn’t going to get a grade for doing so.

For the next year, I do have some goals that I’d like to meet.

First, I would like to attempt to read 40 books again.

Second, I would like to submit an article to and publish in a journal by year’s end. That’s more of a professional goal, since I’ll be using that for PhD applications.

Third, I’d like to get that 4.0 for this semester and the next. I’ve gotten 3.96 the last two semesters.

Fourth, for my internship, I would like to gather information about and streamline further the Communion processes at church.

Fifth, I would like to develop a writing and reflecting culture at Christ City — incorporating the thoughts and ideas of members into the thought-life of Christ City, specifically on the website etc.

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Into the Future

November 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Endgoal:  PhD, either in Systematic Theology, Church History, or something similar. I have an academic mind. I write. I think. I teach. That’s me. Thinking long-term, that’s my most immediate aim after a Masters program. Just thinking out loud, I want to write. My passion is to see the Church of the risen and living Lord united in spirit and in truth, in the same way as Jesus and the Father are unified. That is, we should be horizontally related to each other in the same way that Jesus and the Father are horizontally related to each other. For, we are one body composed of many members. The members of a body ought to work towards one end. When it does not, something is amiss in the body. Further, beyond horizontal unity, we should be united, as Jesus is to the Father, to Jesus himself. As Jesus submits to the will of the Father, we submit to will of Jesus. This all I get from John 17:20-24. That’s my passion. That’s what I want to see happen. That’s what I believe, since my freshman year (going on four years now), that the Father through the Spirit has impressed on me through the reading and study of his Word.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Those are some quick thoughts going through my head right now.

October 4, 2012 Leave a comment

An apology:

A little under a month ago, I experienced laptop difficulties. As such, I was unable to access WordPress for an extended period of time. Although I cannot promise to post as scheduled, I can assure you that at least now the possibility is realistic. You may expect to see various things posted from this point.

Thanks for still following me,

In Christ,


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Posting Schedule:

Beginning April 15 and lasting until the end of June, I will implement a new schedule for my posts. I want to see this blog have a bit more regularity, and so the time has come for a firm program for the blog. The major points of the schedule are as follows:

  • Daily at 10:00 am CST, I will have a brief (250 – 500 word) post concerning either a topic, a quotation, or a question that can be answered succinctly.
  • Tuesdays at 11:30 am CST, I will post a short (500-1000 word) essay concerned with either theological or philosophical issues.
  • Every other Friday at 4:30 pm CST, I will post a long (1000+ word) essay, which can be of any number of things, e.g. an exegesis, sermon, a philosophical work, a short story, a question needing a long answer, etc.
  • Throughout the week, various things will be posted, such as short quotations, brief thoughts, etc., but I hope to eliminate these through the daily morning posts.

Thank you for reading and continuing to read!


I’m beginning to compile and undertake research.

I have a number of topic about which I plan to write. Therefore, I have begun to compile research, to ponder the Scripture, and to think about the connections therein, and can I say that I am excited about this? As a teacher in the church to however small a group, my more purpose in this role is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and to gain a fuller understanding of Christ, his word, and his church so that we are not thrown around by false doctrine and misinterpretations of the Word (Ephesians 4:11-14).

Among the topics that I am beginning to research and think about specifically are:

  • Identity and purpose in Christ:  bondservants, children, and priests of the King, as described in Ephesians 5:1, 2.
  • Civil disobedience and civil obedience in the church:  when, if ever, is civil disobedience permitted, to what degree, and for what reasons?
  • The denominational system:  is it a promoted good in the Scripture, is it a permitted good, is it a necessary evil? What do the Scriptures say about denominations, and how do they relate to the unity or disunity of the body?
  • Systematic works on Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Hamartiology, and Ecclesiology.

I am excited about these things. I hope to have rough drafts of at least one of these ideas ready by June.

After 5 Weeks:

February 5, 2012 2 comments

In regard to my previous post concerning my New Year’s Resolutions, this is my progress:

  • I am in the midst of memorizing 1st Peter. I have, through simply reading it but not specifically memorizing it, committed to memory the first 12 verses of the letter.
  • I spend time in the Word each day; but, it is not the in-depth, arduous study that I desire. Next course of action is to take steps and devote time each day to the particular study and memorization of Scripture.
  • My prayer life is growing stronger, praise be to God.
  • Fellowship is more difficult to come by, as my schedule is very tight. However, I have noticed an increased desire to spend time with my brothers in particular, and my college group in general, over the past month. Next course of action is to look for opportunities each day to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • My accountability relationships are growing stronger with increased vulnerability, and I have found increased vulnerability among several others brothers in Christ, with whom I have never previously been close.
  • Discipleship is difficult, in the same way as fellowship. However, there are a number of youth in age and in Christ that I am connected with, and I pray for an opportunity to pour into their lives.
  • Whereas my running total should be at 50 miles as of Saturday, I am at 10.03. Therefore, February will be more devoted to spending time physically training myself. I have noticed that, as I’ve run in the past two weeks, that my energy has increased.
  • So far, so good as far as graduation is concerned.
  • So far, so good as far as surviving until 2013 is concerned.
  • I must be more forward and more proactive about loving those around me.

I look forward to increased growth and maturity, as well as commitment and passion for the upcoming months.

Grace and peace.

Succinct New Year’s Resolutions

December 30, 2011 Leave a comment
  1. Memorize four of the NT letters.
  2. Discipline myself to be daily immersed in the Word.
  3. Discipline myself to be daily immersed in prayer.
  4. Discipline myself to be daily immersed in fellowship.
  5. Grow my three accountability relationships further.
  6. Tend to discipling relationships.
  7. Run 520 miles this year.
  8. Graduate in December with High Honors.
  9. Survive until 2013.
  10. Love all of those around me, even those I do not like.
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